Natural Facial Cleanser

“I have been using Natural products from New Zealand for 8 years now. I am always receiving compliments on my skin.

I changed from using over the counter brand skin care products to avoid using chemicals.  The New Zealand Natural products is my only choice of skin care.” -Skin care reviews by Pearl Carroll – a Professional Makeup Artist

For skin cleansing I would highly recommend a natural forming facial cleanser.

The two important ingredients in this product that I find very effective for cleansing the skin are:

1. Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey comes exclusively from New Zealand, a land which has a worldwide reputation as “clean & green”.

It is scientifically and medically proven that Manuka honey has extraordinary moisturising and nourishing properties for the skin. It has anti-inflammatory benefits and removes the harmful bacteria reducing the likelihood of getting acne.

2. Kiwifruit Extract

The Kiwifruit Extract in Foaming Facial cleanser
is packed with antioxidants which helps support collagen, one of the most important proteins for youthful-looking skin and maintains the skin’s natural PH level.

This perfect facial cleanser is a great start for your skin in the morning and at the end of the day leaving a beautiful scent of Manuka honey and Kiwifruit Extract that keeps you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

This foaming facial cleanser is a gentle way to remove makeup without stripping the skin of essential moisture. The two main effective ingredients Manuka Honey and Kiwifruit Extract provide you with a dual-action cleansing routine that cleanses and tones in one step.

Manuka Honey is renowned for its natural healing properties and combines with the cleansing goodness of natural Kiwifruit extract. This multi-tasking formula works to cleanse, strengthen and soothe the skin for a radiant, healthy-looking complexion.

  • Alcohol and soap-free formula
  • Free from any Parabens or harmful chemicals Strengthens skin while resisting free radical damage
  • Removes accumulated grime, sweat, oils and environmental pollutants to prevent breakouts and irritation
  • Anti-inflammatory and removes harmful bacteria especially with acne
  • Visibly clears the skin and great for men to use for a smoother shave
  • Best facial cleanser for daily use
  • Best face wash for acne
  • Best face wash for oily skin


Wedding Hair and Makeup at The Hilton


Wedding Hair and Makeup at The Hilton

I absolutely love creating hair and makeup for the bride and bridesmaids and working with a professional dedicated team fills me with joy. The hair and make up for the wedding party at the Hilton Hotel included the bride, six bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. With the co-operation of everyone on the beauty team we completed our work on time in a no stress atmosphere. I am very fortunate to have such an amazing team of makeup artists, hair stylists and hairdressers.

It is true to say “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” –Phil Jackson

Pearl Carroll

Professional Makeup Artist & Team Leader

The bridal makeup wedding


The bridal makeup artist for a beautiful bride.

It is always amazing how people become connected. When I saw the Bride to Be ’s post seeking a makeup artist I was quite amazed at what she said, “I had a makeup artist booked and she turned out to be really nasty, so I’ve just cancelled her”. That was 10 days before her wedding day. I didn’t hesitate to contact her to see if I could change a bad experience into a pleasant one by doing her bridal makeup. She decided to come in for a trial. The first thing I noticed when she walked into my salon, was her radiant smile. She came in with a great attitude and we completed the makeup trial. She was very happy with the end result and so was I! I felt that we really connected and I felt so fortunate to be her makeup artist on her special day. That day, I also did the makeup for the bride’s mother…and it is true to say “like mother, like daughter”. Another happy day!

Pearl Carroll

Professional Makeup Artist & Team Leader


Wedding in the Park

wedding in the park

Wedding in the Park

Summer is the busiest time for weddings and for us. The latest wedding was for a family who love the outdoors and treasure Australian native flowers. We did the hair and makeup of the bride and bridesmaids who all looked amazing with native Australian flowers in their hair up-dos.

Everyone looked unique, with braids, hair curls with loose up-styles and oh… yes highlighted with gorgeous native wild flowers. Wedding hair up-dos for outdoor weddings are the way to go!
It was a beautiful day working with the lovely bridal party.

Pearl Carroll

Professional Makeup Artist & Team Leader

Wedding makeup MAC foundation


Wedding at The Park Hyatt, The Rocks, Sydney Another Bride to Be named Tamara came to my makeup & photography studio in Crow’s Nest for a trial. I was very comfortable working with Tamara, as she had such a lovely personality and attitude. Tamara has very long natural curly hair and her preference for her Bridal hair style was the elegant donut bun and the same for her two bridesmaids. The wedding makeup style requested was full coverage MAC foundation and the smoky eye look. On the wedding day, the weather was beautiful. My hair stylist and I really enjoyed the view from the hotel room balcony, right on the water front. There was a great view of the Opera House which complemented the beautiful ladies. Setting up the table close to the balcony was the ideal workstation.

The natural light was perfect to ensure that I gave everyone a truly great wedding makeover and they looked amazing on the day. I focused on the Bridal party’s makeup, the Bride, two Bridesmaids and the Bride’s mother, while my hair stylist was busy creating great hairstyles.


The Perfect Gift for Her

hair and makeup gift certificate

Luke Winters said:

‘Pearl, a quick note to say thank you for looking after Gracie. She was very impressed with your talent and passion. You did a fantastic job, she looked fantastic and was beaming with excitement about her new look. This was a much better gift than a dozen roses.’

Give her a unique gift that she will never forget!
Living Glamour Makeup offers a personal makeover service for glamour or natural makeup and hair styling to help women look their best for a special occasion; Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, or just because of you care!

Pearl Carroll

Professional Makeup Artist & Team Leader


How to get clear skin for your Wedding Day


How to get clear skin for your Wedding Day

It is very important to have clear glowing skin for the big day, so here are 7 complexion tips:

1. Avoid too much sun

Too much sunshine and overexposure to UV-rays causes the skin to appear rough and older than it actually is and may even result in more serious skin conditions.

2. Going to bed with clean skin

Pollution, oil and dust accumulate on our skin’s surface throughout the day, leaving pores in out skin blocked. If you wear makeup, this can cause even more build up and blocked pores. Clean your skin thoroughly with Womens – Face Mask will counter blocked skin pores, blemishes, blackheads and pimples.

3. Avoid using old makeup

In general, mascara shouldn’t be kept longer than 3 months, 2 years for eye pencils, eye shadow and lipsticks and 1 year for foundations and concealers.
Items such as sponges and bottles with liquid makeup are extremely susceptible to bacterial growth. Therefore it is wise to avoid using old and unused makeup.

4. Avoid using skin care products that are not natural

Some of the chemicals in skincare products, besides being potentially harmful, may cause the skin to become very dry, red and susceptible to premature aging.
To ensure that your skin stays in good shape, try using Womens Natural Skincare that does not contain any harsh chemicals or parabens.

5. Avoid excessive moisturising

Over moisturizing should be avoided by people with dry skin. This means, even if you have excessively dry skin, you should not resort to applying heavy moisturizing products as this could leave the skin feeling heavy, greasy and congested.

6. Avoid using soap for facial cleansing

Petroleum based soaps are alkaline and assist in removing dirt and oil effectively from your skin. However, they also remove the protective natural ‘shield’ of sebum from your skin’s surface. Try to use the facial cleansing products that restore a natural pH of 5.5 such as Foaming Facial Cleanser to your skin.

7. Avoids too much rubbing while taking care of the skin

Excessive rubbing can cause redness and may leave the capillaries permanently dilated, giving your skin a blotchy appearance. Instead, use gentle pressure in short brief movements when cleansing or moisturising for smooth clear skin.

Pearl Carroll -Professional Makeup Artist and Team Leader


Wedding Makeup Star Hotel-Sydney


Wedding Makeup Star Hotel – Sydney

It is not often that I receive a call from a man arranging the wedding makeup for his Bride to Be. However, it was really interesting to hear Shaun’s ideas for Tamara’s wedding makeup and hair style. The wedding was in the evening with close friends and family so Shaun felt that it would be fitting for Tamara’s hair style to be in loose curls. For the bridal makeup his preference was for smoky eye makeup. It was a real pleasure when I arrived at the Star Hotel in Pyrmont and met Tamara, the Bride to Be. It was such an enjoyable experience creating a beautiful personalised look that she and her fiancé loved.

Pearl Carroll -Professional Makeup Artist and Team Leader


My Creative Love – Oil Painting


My Creative Love – Oil Painting

While I love doing makeup, I also enjoy oil painting on canvas. Mixing colors to create new shades is my favorite thing.
Makeup adds another dimension of my creativity. Getting to know and engage with people is a great journey…one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

Pearl Carroll – Professional Makeup Artist & Team Leader

Mother of the Bride Makeup


Mother of the Bride Makeup

We all know the bride is the most significant and important person at a wedding.
Her hair and makeup require skill and attention to detail to stand out in the bridal party, not forgetting the bridesmaids who need to look stunning as well and complement the bride.

There is also a very special person on that very special day that we love to honour and give our attention to; the Mother of the Bride!
In our Bridal, Hair and Makeup Package this special person, the Mother of the Bride is always included.
Our artists, love to pamper the Mother of the Bride with exclusive skin preparations to capture and retain moisture, before applying the natural makeup that compliments her throughout the emotional, exciting and sometimes hectic wedding ceremony and reception.

We understand mature skin can tend to be dry and sensitive, especially around the eyes, so we apply our favourite Womens – Eye Serum to the skin around the eye  including above the eyelids before applying the eye primer. This lightweight, moisturising eye serum will add moisture to the skin all day long and give it that glow that you are looking for.

To achieve a more flattering, natural and youthful appearance for our Mother of the Bride we use soft eyeliners complete with a hint of shimmer at the corner of the eyes for that refreshed lively look.

Pearl Carroll – Professional Makeup Artist & Team Leader