How to apply rainbow eyeshadow

  1. Start by moisturizing then placing a small amount of foundation make up and powder on the eyelids to achieve a good even base. The powder will also stop the eye shadow from fading.
  2. Add a yellow right in the inner spot of the eyelid, and fade it out near the middle of the lid.
  3. Put the gold green on top of where the yellow has begun to fade.
  4. Add the sky blue on top of where the gold green has begun to fade.
  5. Apply the purple on top of where the sky blue has begun to fade and slightly further along the lid.
  6. Add the pink at the end and reduce to almost the outer corner of your lid.
  7. After you have applied the eye shadow, use your brush to blend each color together. Even blending makes for the perfect look.
  8. Use  eyeliner and/or mascara to complete the look.

Pearl Carroll – Professional Makeup Artist & Team Leader


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