How to choose makeup brushes

  1. Select suitable brush for the work at hand.
    Use a natural bristle hair brush for the application of powdery makeup products, for example powder, blush and eyeshadow.
    Use a synthetic bristle brush for wet makeup application, like creams, lipstick and foundation.
  2. Avoid makeup brushes with blunt edges. Brushes with soft, dome-shaped heads work the best for applying make-up.
    Buy a concealer brush. This is an important tip of the trade since you are able to use it to ensure accurate application of the makeup product precisely where you want it.
  3. Test for durability just before you buy makeup brushes. Natural fiber brushes will quickly lose the bristles with use. You can do a test in order to prevent this by ensuring that when you buy the brush, it is strong well attached bristles. This means doing the tug test – pull softly on the brush in the store. If there are any lose hairs, consider buying a different brand.
  4. Make sure your makeup brushes are clean and free of dust. Store away from bathroom products and preferably in dust-proof locations containers or in a bathroom cabinet. Gently wipe off makeup build-up regularly from your brushes. You can use liquid for synthetic brushes or simply wipe with a tissue natural bristle brushes.

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Photography Hair and Makeup


I married a professional photographer, many years ago now, and we connected through our passion for artistic expression. Before this I was happily employed in the corporate field but during my leisure time found painting portraits and landscapes were a passion.

My circumstances changed thanks to my husband who challenged me one day to create makeup for a portrait customer when our makeup artist was not available. Well, this pushed me out of my comfort zone, I could dab paint on a canvas and get a good result but applying makeup skillfully on a person’s face was quite different.

To my surprise, I discovered how personally rewarding this experience was. An artist’s canvas does not speak back and conversely cannot reward an artist with positive affirmation. Working with satisfied clients does all this and more. That particular day produced a change in me that was personally quite significant. I went from working in the corporate world to a career in beauty, with the goal of becoming the best makeup artist I could be.

I immersed myself in a professional makeup and hairstyling course and tutorials from internationally renowned makeup artists, Bobbi Brown, Rae Morris, and Kevyn Aucoin. Now I love to keep up to date and inspired by reading books and researching new and popular fashion, beauty and makeup trends on the Internet. The initial stage of my transformation into a makeup artist involved daily practice using my knowledge and training to create beautiful makeup and hairstyles for client portraits, both in our photographic studio and on location.

Makeup for photography requires specific attention to detail depending on the time of day and location of the shoot. Makeup colour, tones and texture differ under studio lighting compared to natural light.

Makeup for morning outdoor photography requires subtle, soft shades for eye shadow and lip colour. I avoid using dark or black eyeliner, preferring to create a subtle eyeline close to the lash line for that beautiful more natural look! During the middle of the day, shadows can be cast on the face so I avoid using a foundation with a sheen as it becomes reflective and too shiny. I prefer to apply one with a matte finish for a fresh natural look.

Once the light fades to late afternoon and evening, I add a little more drama by using richer colours in the makeup palette, as they do not appear too intense in the portraits because the natural light is now softer and warmer. My tip is to use matte foundation for a more natural finish in photography. I love my journey into art expression through makeup and my happiness and satisfaction comes from creating that WOW factor for all my clients!

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