Roses Oil Painting from Christchurch Botanic Gardens


Roses Oil Painting from Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Whenever I have the opportunity to travel overseas, I make a point of visiting the Botanic Gardens of that particular country. I love to walk quietly among the plants, listening to the songbirds, touching the trees and above all, smelling the flowers; breathing in the beautiful assorted aromas and wondering from which flower each scent comes from.

During my holiday in Christchurch, New Zealand I visited the Botanic Gardens. I immediately fell in love with the rose garden; intoxicated by the many, beautiful scents that were carried on the breeze as I walked among the roses. I noticed the gardener who was tending the roses and his face looked so peaceful and content; which is no surprise as he is surrounded every day by such beauty.

My friend took many photographs of the roses that day and I selected one in particular to paint. Roses for me symbolise life, love and happiness.

Pearl Carroll – Professional Makeup Artist & Team Leader